## Translation Queries This is a list of joint translation queries from all languages (except language-specific ones). Feel free to add new queries as they come up - if doing so please also mention it in the relevant Slack channel as well as this page is not checked regularly. ----- ### Closed Queries for Reference Component: /pages String: #2 - "<i>Please head over to our Team Guide to learn how to get started.</i>" Comment: Add "(In English)" or somthing similar to your translation as the Team Guide is not translated. Document: /contacts and /users String: Several strings containing "<i>{{MMM D, YYYY}}</i>" Comment: There should be no issue in shifting the date format around to suit different languages (i.e. using "{{D MMM YYYY}}" instead) ----- ### Open Queries Document: /experiences Source string: Did you not like their cooking? Singing? Comment: This is almost identical to the string before, both necessary? (enjoy/like) Document: /experiences Source string: Not recommend Comment: Typo for "Not recommended"? Document: /experiences Source string: Sorry, you can't share experience only with yourself. Comment: In what situation does this error message occur? Document: /contacts Source string: {{count}} contacts in common Comment: Should not the Singular/Plural variation apply to English as well? Document: /messages Source string: Tip Comment: Noun or verb? * Most languages have translated this as "Suggestions"/"Hints", would be good to have a confirmation of the same though. Document: /references Source string: How do you know them Comment: Why is this string without a question mark? If it is a title or similar, would not "How you know them" be more suitable? Document: /references Source string: Your reference will become public when <1></1> gives you a reference back, or in {{daysToReply}} days. Comment: This would need a Singular/Plural alternative to allow for "..1 day". Document: /users Source string: “Everyone is necessarily the hero of their own life story.” Comment: Quote from profile without personal info. Perhaps elsewhere? Should we translate it from Barth or find an equivalent in the target language? (And, should the quote be attributed to Barth? Although it seems he might have swiped it from earlier sources: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/02/16/life-hero/) Document: /users Source string: Elsewhere Comment: Context would be nice here. Does it refer to how you know/met a person? Document: /users Source string: Hosting Comment: Context would be nice here. Does it refer to how you know/met a person? Document: /contacts Source string: (additional {{amount}} pending) Comment: Context is needed as the phrase can change based on what is intended. Document: /contacts Source string: Requested {{created, MMM D, YYYY}} Comment: Is it possible to have context information/a screenshot here?